Tarot 101- by the sea

My name is Leslie and I am starting this blog to give myself a space to focus on the things in my life that bring me happiness. I was very lucky to find a career that I loved at an early age. Scuba Diving is my passion and even when I go on holiday from my little island I always take the time to go diving. Unfortunately I am in a terrible place in my life right now and have lost my inner strength. I can feel my shine being dulled and the habit to suppress myself is becoming more and more natural every day. I have always poured myself into work and have given 100% to everything I do. Right now I am in a position where this is being taken advantage of. I am unappreciated, and undervalued. In November 2016 I gave notice that I would finish the Caribbean’s busy season with my company and move on in September of 2017. Growing up on a farm I have a huge since of responsibility to my employers so I feel good about not leaving them high and dry, but every day it gets harder to complete my notice. My feeling of false entrapment weighs on me and I am finding it difficult to enjoy the amazing life I live. So I have started making an effort in my time when I am not at work to focus on positive things that bring me happiness. In college I used to play with tarot and halfheartedly memorized some meanings of the cards. But in December Catherine Barrow (a tarot practitioner on my island) gave a workshop on how to interpret the cards at a local yoga studio. I came across the post by happenstance and decided to attend. Since that point I have been putting the little energy I have in the evenings towards becoming proficient at reading the cards for myself and others. One of my high points so far in this journey was having Catherine read my cards and seeing every unspoken feeling laid out in front of me. Without my telling her anything about my work situation she spoke of me suppressing myself and that a great change in my position was coming. This gave me a feeling of justification I couldn’t have imagined and I tried to keep from crying in the restaurant. So now I am focusing on the positive things in life: please follow me along if you would like.